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N.J. Stat. § 56:8-122
§ 56:8-122. Additional requirements for registration

In addition to any other procedure, condition or information required by this act:

a. Every applicant for registration shall file a disclosure statement with the director stating whether the applicant has been convicted of any crime, which for the purposes of this act shall mean a violation of any of the following provisions of the "New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice," Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, or the equivalent under the laws of any other jurisdiction:

(1) Any crime of the first degree;

(2) Any crime which is a second or third degree crime and is a violation of chapter 20 or 21 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes; or

(3) Any other crime which is a violation of N.J.S. 2C:5-1, N.J.S. 2C:5-2, N.J.S. 2C:12-3, N.J.S. 2C:15-1, N.J.S. 2C:18-2, N.J.S. 2C:20-4, N.J.S. 2C:20-5, N.J.S. 2C:20-7, N.J.S. 2C:20-9, N.J.S.2 2C:21-1, N.J.S. 2C:21-2, section 1 of P.L. 1983, c. 565 (C. 2C:21-2.1), section 2 of P.L. 1997, c. 385 (C. 2C:21-2.3), N.J.S. 2C:21-3, N.J.S. 2C:21-4, N.J.S. 2C:21-5, N.J.S. 2C:21-6, N.J.S. 2C:21-7, N.J.S. 2C:21-9 through N.J.S. 2C:21-17, N.J.S. 2C:21-19, or section 3 of P.L. 1994, c. 121 (C. 2C:21-25), chapter 27 or 28 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, N.J.S. 2C:30-2, or N.J.S. 2C:30-3.

b. Each disclosure statement may be reviewed and used by the director as grounds for denying, suspending or revoking registration, except that in cases in which the provisions of P.L. 1968, c. 282 (C. 2A:168A-1 et seq.) apply, the director shall comply with the requirements of that act.

c. An applicant whose registration is denied, suspended or revoked pursuant to this section shall, upon a written request transmitted to the director within 30 calendar days of that action, be afforded an opportunity for a hearing in a manner provided for contested cases pursuant to the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L. 1968, c. 410 (C. 52:14B-1 et seq.).

d. An applicant shall have the continuing duty to provide any assistance or information requested by the director, and to cooperate in any inquiry, investigation or hearing conducted by the director.

e. If any of the information required to be included in the disclosure statement changes, or if additional information should be added after the filing of the statement, the applicant shall provide that information to the director, in writing, within 30 calendar days of the change or addition.

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