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Legal Telemarketing Frequently Asked Questions

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DNC Legislation
Q.  Does this Do Not Call stuff apply to me?
Q.  I thought small companies were exempt from the DNC list, right?
Q.  How many numbers are on the Do Not Call list?
Q.  What is the TCPA?
Q.  What is the TSR?
Q.  How can I find regulations governing telemarketing?
Q.  How many types of DNC lists are there?
Q.  What are the requirements for internal DNC lists?
Q.  What constitutes an existing business relationship (EBR)?
Q.  If state regulation varies from federal, which do I follow?
Q.  Do I have to hire full-time compliance staff to stay abreast of the regulations?
Q.  What about Business-to-Business (B2B) calls?
Q.  I only take inbound calls but occasionally call for followup. (Or: I only call internet leads.) Do I need to scrub for any DNC or wireless numbers?
Q.  What are the fines for Do Not Call violations?
Q.  Do I need to register as a telemarketer in all 50 states?
Q.  My call center is not in the US. Do I need to comply with these rules?
Q.  I am a service provider, do I need a SAN?
National Subscription
Q.  What is a SAN number?
Q.  How do I obtain a SAN number?
Q.  Do I really have to buy the Federal list or is there a way around it?
Q.  Can I use someone else's SAN?
Q.  I forgot my SAN. What do I do?
Q.  Do I have to have all the area codes to use this service?
Legal DNCScrub Use
Q.  Do I need a SAN number to sign up?

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