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Do-Not-Call White Paper

This white paper is a compilation of excerpts from seminars produced by the American Teleservices Associations (ATA) and the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) on the issues and concerns facing the telemarketing community in staying compliant with "Do Not Call" regulations. In an industry where a single consumer compliant can launch a government investigation in to a company's operations, it is important to understand the details and obstacles involved in being compliant with industry regulations. While this paper cannot cover the entire scope of issues involved in maintaining compliance, it offers an in depth look at key concerns and provides solutions and recommendations for handling these concerns.

This white paper has been broken into a series of concise sections following the brief overview of "Do Not Call" regulations below. The first section covers the five types of "Do Not Call" lists telemarketer's need to scrub against. This is followed by discussions on exemptions to the National DNC Registry and "Safe Harbor Provisions" and enforcement actions. Included in these latter two sections is a look into how regulations apply to affiliated corporate entities, an explanation of the federal government's Civil Investigation Demand (CID), and an insider's look at lessons that can be learned from the Primus enforcement action as well as the $5.3 million "Direct TV" settlement.

The final two sections cover a more detailed look into creating a Telemarketing Compliance Manual and a sampling of real world questions asked by telemarketers and the answers to those questions from leading experts in the telemarketing industry.

To learn more about the seminars that provided the source material for this white paper visit the ATA's official website at This white paper has been compiled and produced by Contact Center Compliance (

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