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White Paper on Call Monitoring Law in the United States

by Joseph Sanscrainte

The teleservices industry is unique in many respects, but perhaps none more so than in its need to engage in constant monitoring of its employees' telephonic activities. The very essence of the industry is, of course, to provide quality customer/consumer experiences via the telephone in both the inbound and outbound arenas - ongoing quality monitoring is therefore not just a helpful tool, it's an absolute necessity. Equally as important, however, is the need of the industry to maintain compliance with state and federal rules that govern virtually every aspect of the teleservices process. Call monitoring and recording gives the industry the ability to not only comply with many of these rules, but also allows for the maintenance of records regarding telephone calls and transactions as a means of limiting potential liability.

This white paper is a thorough examination of the key compliance issues for the teleservices industry with regard to the confusing patchwork of state and federal rules governing, variously, "eavesdropping," "wiretapping," "intercepting" and "recording" of phone conversations.

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