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June 2012


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Upcoming State Outbound Calling Restrictions

Wednesday July 4    Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah

Tuesday July 24
Pioneer Day: Utah

Monday August 13
Victory Day: Rhode Island

Monday September 3
Labor Day: AL LA, MS, RI, UT


























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Summer Compliance Tips: Avoid Getting Burned

Description: 20080204_sunscreenSummer is finally here. Before you head out to the coast or the lake this summer, here are some tips to avoid getting into legal hot water if you are making or returning sales calls in the US to consumers, especially if you are contacting wireless numbers.

First off, if you are using any sort of pre-recorded message technology make sure you apply SPF 50. The FCC and FTC are adamant about using their authority to pursue the platforms and end users that send and deliver illegal robo calls.

Have a plan for implementing the new FCC TCPA Amendments that are coming due following approval of the amendments by the OMB:

  • Review your plan for contacting mobile customers via predictive or preview dialer and how you can obtain written consent   (1 year from OMB approval)
  • If you use a dialer ensure the new abandonment rates will be calculated in accordance with the FCC's new change  (30 days from OMB approval)
  • Determine how you will comply with the automated opt out requirement  (90 days from OMB approval)

Don't assume your entire database is comprised of land lines and that you're not calling mobile customers. Over 30% of the US only has a cell phone as their only phone line. Contact Center Compliance can accurately identify cell phone numbers in your database. Contact us for a free report.

Stay Updated to Reduce Complaints & Liability

Description: block-cell-phone-number-200X200Free Compliance Webinar
Join us July 25th
Top 10 Inbound and Outbound Compliance Issues

Join three contact center industry and legal experts for an engaging compliance webinar covering the top 10 current regulatory issues for contact centers, sellers, and those making calls to consumers.

Participating in compliance webinars and compliance officer forums is a great way to stay engaged and abreast of changes. Setup Google news searches for compliance issues related to your field . You can also setup Outlook or Google calendar reminders to review your State registrations or other critical compliance dates.

Be aware that July 4th is a State Holiday for calling in 5 states. See sidebar for the state holiday dates for the entire summer.

There are also some other hot items at the state level. Missouri has expanded their state DNC list to included cell phones. New York passed a new law banning telemarketing  pre-recorded robo calls without express written consent. Mississippi just fined an entity $945,000 for DNC violations. Finally, Georgia has put forth some new disclosure and caller ID rules.

Get Contact Center Compliance's Compliance Guide!
It's the best and most reliable reference source for Federal and State calling rules, backed by an experienced legal team. The Compliance Guide is ideal for compliance officers to get all the information necessary to remain compliant.

Join relevant Compliance groups on LinkedIn such as the Contact Center Compliance Officer's Forum. We now have over 650 members and there are constant updates and new ideas for managing compliance.

Make sure you have a Compliance Team and have documented and accessible compliance training.

Compile information on industry conferences for potential participation. There are quite a few good events typically in the Fall. In addition, there is nothing better than networking and sharing regulatory strategy with other contact center professionals. Train yourself to say "PACE" and NOT "ATA."

File a comment for the proposed but required FCC PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points)

Get involved with local businesses to help them understand the impacts of the new FCC rules.

Remember to pack your trash from the beach and recycle. Take out your bad data and update the good with a data enhancement strategy.  Contact Center Compliance now has access to email addresses for appending as well as accurate mobile data.

Stay cool and remember to re-apply that sunscreen. My forecast is for plenty of heat from both Federal and State enforcement agencies!

By Ryan Thurman, Director of Sales & Marketing
Contact Center Compliance