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October 2009 : Compliance Guide - Winner of the 2009 ATA Technovation Award

by Mike Kovatch, CEO of Contact Center Compliance..

The Compliance Guide was judged by a panel of 7 industry experts at the American Teleservices Association(ATA) national convention in New Orleans (Oct 4-7) to be the most effective and influential new product of 2009 to assist with the advancement of the teleservices industry.

The Compliance Guide is a powerful resource designed to put a matrix of legal opinion, designed and backed by industry leading attorneys, at the fingertips of every Compliance Officer, Teleservices Attorney and Call Center Professional in the industry. The Compliance Guide is built on a first-of-its-kind comprehensive database that includes over 1200 federal and state rules and regulations. This resource provides a comprehensive and complete toolkit to help teleservices professionals manage their compliance and avoid costly mistakes. The Compliance Guide includes the ability to review compliance practices at a high level, analyze and remedy deficiencies plus conduct specific research into the compliance areas of interest. The core benefit of the Compliance Guide is that it will save companies thousands on their legal bills and significantly streamline the legal research and analysis process.

Attorney Joe Sanscrainte, "This is the most complete and easy to use compliance tool I have ever seen. It is user friendly and makes it easy for teleservices companies to determine where they have exposure at the state and Federal level within their calling campaigns."

"The new online compliance guide resource applies technology to a complex legal database to yield a cost effective, easy to use tool that will help you with state registration, gap analysis and ongoing legal analysis and support", says Mike Kovatch, CEO of Contact Center Compliance ( "We built this product in an effort to offer the best compliance guide available along with a set of tools to assist in the interpretation of the data, because at the end of the day our clients need to know the answer to the question 'What can we do and how can we do it within the scope of the rules?' This product delivers just that."

Festiva Resorts: Compliance Guide is Worth its Weight in Gold

Festiva Resorts is a longstanding and respected member of the timeshare industry, and operates several resorts across the country. Festiva accepts inbound calls, and makes outbound calls generated from various lead sources, and does this both in-house and via outsourced vendors. They have in-house attorneys and compliance personnel tasked with ensuring that Festiva maintains compliance with all timeshare-specific rules, telemarketing regulations, and all other business and consumer protection laws. Perhaps the most difficult challenge in this mix of compliance is figuring out the intricacies of state by state, and federal, telephone solicitation rules.

According to Gay Weber, Director of Marketing Systems. "The compliance guide's "registration exemption master" is worth its weight in gold, and by itself more than justifies the cost for the compliance guide service. We have numerous types of campaigns and several outside vendors, and we are constantly reviewing our status as a commercial telemarketer across all the registration states. Compiling this information is difficult to begin with, and keeping track of what exemptions applied to what specific campaign was simply an overwhelming task. The registration exemption wizard takes care of all of this for us, and in fact, has alerted us to several exemptions that we didn't even know about, thus saving us money. The fact that all of our various campaigns can be stored in the system for reference later on is extremely helpful as well."

He further explains "We have been in business for many years, and over the course of time, we have developed our own policies and procedures for how to handle other types of telemarketing rules, like DNC, solicitation disclosures, and time restrictions. However, having all of this information available in the compliance guide, in chart format for easy reference and comparison across all the various jurisdictions, is extremely beneficial, and has saved us the time that would have been required for us to compile this information ourselves. The ability to instantly access the underlying statute for any given rule is also a great timesaver for our legal/compliance departments. Rather than trying to track down information from lots of different sources (information that we're not even sure is up to date), we now can simply go to the compliance guide and quickly and easily get 'chapter and verse' for all of our telemarketing compliance issues."

About Contact Center Compliance (

As the leader, for over 6 years, in providing online "Do Not Call" compliance solutions, Contact Center Compliance ( offers software as a service (SAAS) solutions that seamlessly manage the entire "Do Not Call" compliance process for a call center. Contact Center Compliance offers products that reduce the complexity of US and Canadian telemarketing laws concerning Do Not Call, wireless, and exemptions - including Existing Business Relationships - with an award winning set of enterprise-level software solutions.

Contact Center Compliance customers include contact centers and marketers from around the world. The Contact Center Compliance network generates over one billion scrubs per month and has a perfect track record in compliance. For more information regarding the Compliance Guide, Watch an informative Webinar on the Compliance Guide or contact Mike Kovatch, CEO of Contact Center Compliance at or call 866-362-5478.

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